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It is not how you start but how you finish!!!

This was a game that we were looking forward to, with two league games outstanding getting a look at mitchels for the first time was great and to do so in the championship was even better.  The boys were slow to start and the first half was well below par for most of are players. Although the second half started with them getting a goal from the throw up, it was this that really woke us up and the rest as they say was history. The way we moved the ball and worked for one and other was a great sight to see from the sidelines. With the last group game of 2013 championship next week, with a good week of training we should have another great game on are hands.

Age Group                                         Opponents

under 16  Championship                     Mitchels


Starting Team

1. Stephen Mc Cavitt                            9. Seamus Mc Dermott

2. Ruairi O’Neill                                 10. Willy-John Mc Carton

3. John Mc Anearney                          11. Charlie Mc Carton

5. James Roberts                                 12. Brian Lavery

6. Michael Rafferty                             14. Thomas O’Neill

7. Chris Roberts                                  15.Reese Mc Inearney

8. Lee Magill


First Half Scores

Lee Magill                   0-1

Thomas O’Neill           0-1

Reese Mc Inearney     2-1


Half Time Score

2-3 V 2-8


Second Half Scores

Reese Mc Inearney     1-1

Seamus Mc Dermott   0-2

Charlie Mc Carton      2-1

Thomas O’Neil            2-1


Full Time Score                                             Best Tullylish Player

7-8 V 4-13                                                       Charlie Mc Carton


Next Opponents and Date of game

Home              St Johns                       29-8-13                        7:15




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