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Superb Tullylish Under 12 performance was not enough against strong Bosco side

TULLYLISH under 12’s were on their travels this weekend as they faced Newry outfit St. John’s Bosco. With a few regular players missing, the away side knew that they had a tough encounter in front of them but despite this the match got underway with a dominant breeze behind the Tullylish boys and girls.

Daniel Morgan caught a high ball and duly obliged with a great score from distance .Tony McCartan was dominant in the midfield area and again from distance took another great score. It wasn’t too long before Bosco replied with two unanswered points leaving the sides level.

With a few of wides, Tullyish were finding it difficult to make it onto the scoreboard and with Bosco on the attack, somehow a long ball into the box found the back of the net, this was a score against the play.
They followed up immediately with another point, Tullylish were dominant but the scores were minimal at this stage as they struggled to find range. Taylor Breen held the ball, rounded a Bosco player and took a superb point. Just before the break, McCartan found his range pointing a fine score leaving Tullylish trailing by 0:04 to 1:03 at half time.

The second was half up and running and coach Sean McDermott had given the orders to steady up in front of goal. Tullylish started as they had left off, pushing forward with some great play from defence of James Webb, who launched ball after ball forward but as the wind was against us, the ball was not going where it was supposed to.

With some diligent work from Louis Hill, Alisha Breen and Louis O’Neill in the forward line it was Tony McCartan with a great solo effort who pointed yet again.

Tiernan Lyness followed this with a great score from an obscure angle leaving the match level now and all to play for. Taylor Hadden at this stage had nothing do in the Tullylish net as it was one way traffic.

Tullylish were pushing forward to get the next score and a long ball into Breen was intercepted and Bosco launched forward with the wind behind it. Despite Hadden’s sterling effort in nets, the Bosco forward found the net.
From the kick out Bosco claimed the ball and drove forward with a wicked shot on goals which was well saved by Hadden. This deflection resulted in a 45 and Bosco secured another point from this.

With good work from Daniel Morgan and Tony McCartan in mid field, they captured the ball and pushed forward with a pass to Shea Molloy who rounded a Bosco defender and pointed.
Tullylish where still in the game and kept pushing forward with more shots going a miss. Bosco had another lucky break and found the back of the net. The ‘Lish team would find it hard to come back after this.
But from a long range Hadden kick out they kept at it, this team was not giving up. With great support from the parents who had travelled to the match and Coach Sean McDermott urging the team forward, they kept going to the final whistle.
After a hard fought game for both teams, it was Bosco who came out on top with a final score of 3:04 to 0:07 to the Newry side.

The Tullylish team lined out Taylor Hadden, Rory McIlduff, James Webb, Harry Agnew, Tony McCartan , Louis O’Neill, Shea Molloy, Daniel Morgan, Tiernan Lyness, Louis Hill, Alisha Breen ,Taylor Breen.

A word of thanks must go to St. John’s Bosco for an excellent game of football, all of the travelling supporters who came to cheer on the boys & girls and to Under 12 coach Sean McDermott for the great effort that he put into this game.


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