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Clann na Gael Tournament 07/09/2014

The Tullylish U-10’S travelled the short distance to Lurgan on Sunday. After being beaten in the final at the Glenn tournament the previous day and being so late in the season a good performance was all that was asked for.

The panel consisted of Shea Fitzpatrick, Emmet Burns, Harry Agnew, Brogan McComiskey , James Webb, Eoin Corbett, Jack Dee, Tony McCartan , Eoin Campbell,Alisha Breen, Harvey Breen, Shea Molloy, Conor Egan ,Louis Hill, all of these players had turned out the day previous so they were all committed to go one step further. The tournament had some big teams, we were drawn against Maghery on the lough shore, a big strong physical team came on to the field but the Tullylish boys and girls were not going to be intimidated ,early points coming from Louis Hill Tullylish led at half time. Maghery levelled the game ,but further points from Tony McCartan and Shea Molloy left a bit of daylight between two teams Eoin Corbett was introduced and found the nett straight away with a well taken goal. Maghery were stunned and time was up.

Tullylish then faced a very physical St Peters outfit ,with the game underway Tullylish found it hard to get into the game and the half time score was 3 points to 1 in favour of the Lurgan side. Tullylish battled on in the second half with points coming from Louis and Eoin Campbell midfield was competitive for Tony and Shea Molloy, the whistle blew for full time with St Peters running out winners.

Next up was another tough encounter this time with Clann Eireann.The team started strongly with the two Eoins taking great points a piece ,the Lurgan side levelled the game. There was some great fielding from Shea Molloy and Tony McCartan who fought hard to win possession from great kick outs from Shea Fitzpatrick. The half time score was level at 3 points a piece ,the second half started and Emmet Burns was introduced who took another great score from far out to put the Lish in the lead. Clann Eireann hit back with two great points ,this was going to the final whistle and the Lurgan men pipped the Tullylish outfit by a single score ,this was good  work out for the Lish.

Up next was our local rivals Annaclone so the boys and girls knew what to expect next ,with a short delay we were then told that Annaclone had pulled out ,so we had a bye into the next round ,after a break for approx, 30mins the draw was made and Tullylish where in the final facing Eire Og.


Without Sean McCartan being there due to other commitments it was left to Adrian Breen to get his team prepared for the final which was no easy task after the previous day’s events ,but Adrian had them primed and like Sean had a plan for success. The game got underway with great goalkeeping from Fitzpatrick in the net which was heavily guarded by the regular crew of McComiskey ,Agnew and Webb, midfield was going well with McCartan and Molloy dominating ,forwards of Hill, Corbett, Campbell. On the bench was Jack Dee ,Harvey Breen, Alisha Breen and Conor Egan ,the game was fast with Eoin Campbell playing out of his Skin. Goal was the only thing on his mind ,from the kick out Tony won possession, passed out wide to Louis Hill who pumped the ball into Eoin Campbell who took on the keeper, rounded him back of the net great start from Lish. Eire Og didn’t know what was happening ,with Campbell on this form he was going to be hard to stop. Eoin Corbett duly obliged with a great solo effort to put another point on the board. Eoin Campbell collected the ball and netted another goal this was a great turnaround for the young player only coming back from a long injury ,but he wasn’t finished yet from the kick out Tullylish held possession and who else was on the end of the ball yes Campbell with another good goal half time Tullylish 3-1—to no score. Adrian had warned his players at halftime not to be getting carried away ,Eire Og came out very strong with an early goal the Craigavon men they seemed to be different team , but the troops battled on with a point from Tony McCartan from distance. The Tullylish supporters were vocal and encouraging their team on for the final push ,but Eire Og battled hard with two more goals this was tough going. Tullylish  were still 2 points to the good but with Eire Og pushing for the winner the goalkeeper and the back line worked hard and brought McCartan back to tighten the defence with great blocks from Webb and Agnew the whistle couldn’t come quick enough. Up she blew and the boys and girls celebrated silverware was going to Tullylish

This was competitive match by the two teams, who had given everything ,next up was the presentation of the cup and medals there was some proud parents who has followed this team all year to get what they deserved was great to see after just being piped by the mighty Saval the previous day.

A big thanks to  the Clan Na Gael Club for inviting us also being the only team from Co Down to come out of Armagh with any sort of cup is a challenge on it’s own.

Also to parents who let their children participate 2 days in a row and of course to Sean McCartan and Adrian Breen and Justin Hill  who made it happen.

And of course well done to every U-10  player  who played there part in this win of the Shankill Cup which now resides in Tullylish.


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